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Fitness 360 is a home based health coaching and personal training studio located on the South Hill of Spokane, WA.  I chose a home based studio rather than using a commercial setting so I can focus on my clients progress rather than monthly sales quotas.  It also allows me to have better control over your health outcome as well as, superior gym cleanliness and equipment upkeep, so you can always have the best experience.


I help men and women age who need help navigating health concerns and give them the tools, guidance, and support to not only see immediate improvements in their health, but also to create the framework to keep and build upon their results for life.


I believe better health should be accessible to everyone not just the elite few. I start with an in-depth look at where you currently are and help you create an achievable path to where you want to be using SMART goals.

There are many misconceptions about how to achieve better health. In fact, by reading the headlines, people are led to believe that they need to do a “6-week transformation” or workout like an Olympic-athlete while dining on a sprig of parsley for dinner. None of this is true. Improving your health comes from small but significant changes in our daily habits.

If you are at a point that you want or need to make changes to your health trajectory but don’t know how to best accomplish it – do yourself a favor and call me today. I promise you can have your cake and eat it too!

Stephen Lay NASM CPT, CES

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